Monday, February 23, 2009

XXX Spoof of Natural Born Killers

Natural Born Thrillers: Two sex maniacs captivate the media as they cross the country in a blazing trail of lust. Stars: Amber Woods, Barbara Doll, Kyle Stone, Melissa Hill, Mike Horner, Rebecca Wild, Sindee Coxx, Tess, Tess Newheart, Tom Byron

Spoof of Natural Born Killers, except in this one, they roam the country having anonymous least that is what we are told, since we only see one scene that would support this. With the exception of one scene with the "Wayne" character (here played by a woman) interviewing "normal" admirers of the Natural Born Thrillers, the rest of the scenes take place at the prison. The director used black and white and color changes to ape Natural Born Killers, which tended to get a bit old after a time; however, he did have a couple of other interesting camera shots. The best thing about the whole movie was Mike Horner in the lead as the "Mickey" character, even with the fake bald cap, he stayed in character and did a great job with his acting. He actually elevates the movie up a notch. Be prepared, the movie comes to an abrupt ending, as if, money or time had run out; OR maybe just no one could figure out an ending. So while the plot is an interesting take on the original, someone could have done a much better job on this movie with just a little more thought.

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