Thursday, March 19, 2009

DIRTY MOVIE or What It Would Be Like If Rod Serling Wrote A Porno

This movie appears on the surface to be about a man obsessed with an actress he cannot have; but in the end the plot twist could have come right out of The Twilight Zone.

Evan Stone inherits a house from his late Grandfather and in the basement he finds a projector set up with an old stag film. He becomes obsessed with an actress in the movie (Katie Morgan). He wants to know more about the movie and in his search Evan finds the director's grandson. The grandson tells Evan that the film he found in the house is the last copy and that the movie is cursed and should be destroyed. But Evan can't stop watching the stag film and thinking about Katie Morgan.... and then..........sorry, I can't give away anymore of the plot.

It was odd seeing Evan Stone in a dramatic role, rather than his usual hammy comedy roles. This is the second movie that I have seen recently with Katie Morgan in a g/g scene and both times and she brings a lot of heat to these scenes. There was only one really wasted scene in Dirty Movie and that is when Evan goes to track down the grandson and the movie grinds to a halt with a very dull sex scene that the grandson is shooting and starring in.

Also, I thought the direction of Dirty Movie was a cut above your standard porno. Lots of nice camera angles. A special standout scene is when Evan is dreaming that Katie Morgan is not in the stag movie, but actually with him. Here you get a color sex scene in the foreground, with a different angle of the same scene in black and white on the projection screen in the background. This was an unique shot to me.

Stars: Hillary Scott, Katie Morgan, Samantha Ryan, Sammie Rhodes, Sandra Romain, Evan Stone, Kurt Lockwood, Tommy Gunn. Directed by Barry Wood

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