Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I would categorize Stood Up as a mockumentary, since it stars real life comedian Bob Levy and is the fictional story of his life. At least let's hope this was a fictional tale, if not, this is one more unlucky S.O.B.

Stood Up is about how Bob Levy met his agent Savanna and all the crummy gigs and bad luck he has had over the years. Bob is telling his story to Moni Michaels and in the first scene we see how the younger Bob met his agent and of course this sets up the first sex scene. The younger Bob is played by Tommy Gunn, actually Bob Levy doesn't have any sex scenes in the movie.

In the second scene Bob is playing a Bachelor Party, but he gets kicked out and the next comedian, played by Lee Stone, is a foul loud mouth who steals Bob's dirty nursery rhymes...think Andrew Dice Clay. And instead of Bob, the strippers at the party have sex with Lee Stone.

Bob is on to another lousy gig, this time at a Jewish wedding and his act isn't going over too well. However the waiter "Jerry" played by James Deen hits it off with Penny Flame and they go off and have sex. I note the name of the waiter, since we learn that Bob had an original idea for a sitcom, but someone else stole his idea…think “Seinfield“.

The fourth scene finds Bob down South, and you guessed it, Bob has another great comic idea stolen... this time think Jeff Foxworthy. On top of that, Bob gets beat up and Evan Stone winds up with Bob's agent and Kimberly Kane for the sex scene.

The final scene has Bob ready to score with Moni, but he has to finish his next set first. While he's on stage, Savanna gets the girl! Poor Bob, he just doesn't have any luck!

I struggled with the rating on this movie. The story line while brief is very good, but it could have been fleshed out with some more comedy routines from Bob Levy. The sex scenes were way too long, even longer than most modern day porno feature movie scenes. The sex scenes in Stood Up run close to 30 minutes. However, two of the scenes, even though long, generated enough on screen heat to keep me from hitting the fast forward button. These two scenes are the one with Penny Flame and James Deen and the one with Evan Stone, Savanna Sampson and Kimberly Kane. And add in that the making of featurette was entertaining and I grade it a C+, but just barely. Hey, two puns in one paragraph (fleshed out and barely).

Stood Up starring Bob Levy, Evan Stone, James Deen, Kimberly Franklin, Kimberly Kane, Lanny Barby, Lee Stone, Moni Michaels, Penny Flame, Savanna Samson, Tommy Gunn and directed by: B. Skow


Anonymous said...

I almost rented this a little while back - sounds interesting, and I might get it just because there is a segment in the South.

I saw another B Skow movie - The Pinch - which I enjoyed, but also had horrendously long sex scene, just like you say about this one. Must be his style.

X-Ray Specs said...

Just keep in mind that the segments are pretty short.

Southern movies I have seen fairly recently and are in my to be reviewed line up are: Carmen Goes South (excellent), Hillbilly Honeys (not too bad) and Farmer's Filthy Li'l Daughter #2 (somehow, I was led to believe this was a feature, but I would classify it as a vignette)

The only other B Skow movie that I have watched part of was Miles From Needles, but I didn't get very far into the movie (mainly because of the long sex scenes). I even notice that someone left the following comment on the rental board that states " skip this movie much too long the sex scenes are so long u get bored watching them..."

Anonymous said...

A-ha! So we are not the only ones. I wish those companies would just make one goddamn movie that used the same format as the olden days. Sigh.

Oh, and Carmen Goes South is super duper awesome!