Friday, May 8, 2009


I had delayed reviewing Cry Wolf since one of my favorite reviewers GORE-GORE GIRL had given it such a great review. I thought that if I let some time pass, my outlook on Cry Wolf might change. You should definitely read her review for a different outlook from mine. And since she goes over the plot, I won't attempt to here.

I just didn't like the movie and I really don't have any good reasons not to like Cry Wolf. Since there were a lot of good things about the movie:

1. Monique Alexander is the lead actress and she carries the movie as good as any mainstream actress. Her performance in act one is one of the best that I have ever seen in a porn movie and would hold up in a mainstream movie.

2. Mr. Marcus, the lead actor was also very capable in his acting. Actually all the actors/actresses in the movie were well qualified with their acting chops.

3. Monique Alexander has one of the best natural bodies in current porn movies.

4. Steven St. Croix is in the movie. One of the better porn actors that always seems to add something to any role he plays.

5.The sex scenes weren't overly long.

6. Cry Wolf is very well plotted. Remember a porn movie has to include sex scenes, this usually causes the plot to be weaker, since it doesn't leave as much time in a standard two hour movie. That is why you will find some of the better plotted porns running into the three hour mark. But Cry Wolf delivers on plot and sex and all in just over two hours.

7. The Direction is top rate.

But despite all of these things, the movie didn't do it for me. I know I'm looking for plots in porn movies, and as I stated this was well plotted. The only thing that threw the plot off a little bit, for me, was at the end of act one, one of the twists that is going to come later in the movie is telegraphed.

Another thing that threw me off was the juxtaposition of scenes. There would be a well developed scene with plot and sex and then it seemed that each one of these scenes would be followed by a standard porn scene. I saw some speculation on the web that Paul Anderson didn't direct this movie. However, I have no doubt that Paul Anderson (who once remarked that he wanted to be the "Orson Welles of Porn") did the direction. There could be a possibility that he left some of the weaker scenes to someone else to direct.

I don't know, I just didn't like the movie. I thought maybe it was because Mr. X-Ray usually likes a little bit of comedy in his porn....and Cry Wolf is deadly serious(Vivid calls it a psychodrama)......but I'm currently about half way through Fallen, which is primarily a drama and it is a lot more interesting.

Changing the pace from the serious to funny, I'm including the below Monique Alexander video from YouTube.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Ok, Sasha Grey didn't really make the cover of The Rolling Stone, actually, her name didn't even make the cover, just the title of the article "The Dirtiest Girl in Porn".

I imagine this article was published because of Sasha's upcoming roll in Steven Soderbergh's The Girlfriend Experience.

Anyway, I just wanted to give a "heads up" to any readers of this blog, since I thought the article would be of interest to them.

Although, you can't read The Dirtiest Girl In Porn" online, you can read The Story Behind The Story. The most interesting part of "The Story Behind The Story" are the online comments.

Monday, May 4, 2009


When the movie begins, you will probably say WTF, I thought this was going to be a parody porno and it looks like I'm just getting some kind of compilation tape with sex scenes, but hold on to the end of the first scene for a surprise. After that the titles will begin and you will get to the rest of the movie. The plot centers around each of the characters and has lots of "The Munsters" type humor.

After a sort of an introduction to The Munsters, as they come together in the living room (or maybe it's the dead room), we find that Marilyn's long-distance boyfriend has just shown up in town. Next, we discover that Eddie - the guitarist for a popular rock band (a nod to the original Eddie (Butch Patrick) and his band Eddie and The Monsters) - has just had one of his sex tapes released to the public. Finally and most importantly, we learn that Herman and Lily's wedding anniversary is coming up. This wedding anniversary is the biggest part of the storyline, as Herman is wanting to make this special day one to remember for his dear wife. With the help of Grandpa's science skills and with a little black-market haggling Herman is able to find just the right thing for their anniversary.

While this is not the most complicated plot you are going to find, the humor is spot on "Munster" humor and the movie contains a lot of laughs. For some reason, in all the hullabaloo over Not The Bradys, This Ain't The Partridge Family, etc., this one doesn't seem to get as much notice as those movies, but I found this to be one of the better TV parodies. I mean - come on - where else are you going to get green on green sex!

All the actors do a good job in portraying their characters; the standout is Lee Stone as Herman. He does a great job of staying in character as Herman throughout the movie, even during his sex scene.

I would definitely recommend This Ain't The Munsters to anyone that likes some comedy with their porn. And if you really want your TV to look like the original Munsters, there is an option to watch the movie in black and white.

This Ain't The Munsters XXX directed by Anton Slayer and starring Aiden Starr, Evan Stone, Gavin Wells, Jenna Haze, Lee Stone, Mick Blue, Roxy Deville, Sammie Rhodes, Shawna Lenee, Trent Soluri, Victoria Sin, Voodoo, Whitney Stevens

Sunday, May 3, 2009


The Basic Plot: Roxy Deville is a spoiled mafia princess who discovers her boyfriend Darren in bed with another woman. When her mafia father (Paul Allen) refuses to put a hit out on the cheating boyfriend, Roxy takes matters into her own hands. She promises Tommy Gunn that she will have sex with him, if he kills her boyfriend. Tommy enlists the help of a fellow goon; but they both turn out to be bumbling idiots and manage to screw up every attempt they make at the hit. They're so bad, that they eventually have to be rescued by the very man they are trying to kill.

Roxy Deville gives a great performance as the spoiled Mafia Princess and Tommy Gunn does an adequate job of playing the bumbling hit man. In my opinion, Tommy Gunn is better when he is cast as a menacing character. In Whack Job, he is definitely playing against type. The real standout among all the actors was Paul Allen in his non-sex role as the Mafia Don. Probably because of his voice, he reminded me of the comedian Bobby Slayton.

I will have to give credit to Stormy for one well shot and interesting scene in the movie: the group sex scene, with a lot of overhead shots to capture the "action".

I had looked forward to this movie, since it was written and directed by Stormy. I had previously seen Stormy's: Operation Desert Stormy(one of the better comic porn videos), Sleeping Around, For Love Money or A Green Card, and Gossip, and enjoyed all of them. However, this one was just mildly amusing and I mean MILDLY. The plot was thin and the writing struggled trying to deliver laughs. After seeing Whack Job, this has put me off renting any more Stormy directed movies in the near future, with the exception of the future Operation Tropical Stormy, the sequel to Operation Desert Stormy; hopefully, that sequel will not be a let down like the sequel of Pirates.

Directed and written by Stormy and starring Kaylani Lei, Roxy Deville, Gianna Lynn, Veronica Rayne, Nikki Rhodes, Lexi Lamour, Derrick Pierce, Tony de Sergio, Alexa Jordan, Jack Vegas, Ethan Cage, Tommy Gunn, Mr. Pete