Sunday, August 30, 2009


I'm a sucker for any movie set in New Orleans, so of course, Debbie Does New Orleans is in my personal collection of movies set in New Orleans.

Eccentric New Orleans has some behind the scenes photos from the movie, plus filming locations and locals who are in the movie.

Some notes on the people you will see on Eccentric New Orleans and who appear in Debbie Does New Orleans:

Lucky Cheng's was a restaurant with a floor show and all the waitresses and performers were Drag Queens. I saw Star Lady last year in New Orleans outside The Gumbo Shop. The Royal Street singing group is still going, although I believe there is only one of the performers in the movie that is still in the group.

The plot: Debbie has a chance to be a cheerleader at the Super Bowl, but she can't decide whether to go to New Orleans or not, since her fiancé says he needs her to help him at the motel he runs. But Debbie catches him cheating on her, so she takes off for New Orleans to pursue her own dreams. Debbie winds up being coveted by some sex fiends who want to see her in a sex show at a club located outside New Orleans in the swamp. She refuses, but her fiancé has been captured and is going to be anally raped unless Debbie takes his place on stage, which she does. All of this causes Debbie to miss her big cheerleading shot and she winds back up at the motel cleaning up, while her fiancé is back to his old ways of cheating on her.

Now besides the fact that I enjoyed seeing the New Orleans location shots, this is a pretty decent movie, even if the plot does break down in places. The thing that I found most interesting was what I guess might be called the message of the movie. Debbie rescues her fiancé from being raped, but he continues to cheat on her afterwards anyway. What's the message? Are guys suppose to think, the girl will stay with me no matter what I do. Are women suppose to think, he's just always going to be a cheater, there's nothing I can do about it, even if causes me to miss my own chance at happiness. Just seems like a mixed message to me.

My only other thought is the threat of anal rape used in Debbie Does New Orleans. I haven't seen enough Paul Thomas movies to know if this is a running theme in his movies, but find it curious to that in 1999's Debbie Does New Orleans and in 2008's Cry Wolf, male anal rape or the threat of male anal rape is contained in both movies.

Debbie Does New Orleans starring Sky, Temptress, Chandler, Wendy Divine, Alexandra Nice, Vivian Valentine, Alexa, Maya, Erik Everhard, Eric Masterson, T.T. Boy, Bobby Vitale, Devin Wolf, Dillion Day, Steve Taylor and directed by Paul Thomas


Anonymous said...

I agree with everything you've said - glad you enjoyed it! I have to say, I'm starting to wonder about PT - Flawless also has marital rape in it, apparently (I haven't seen it yet). Guess he likes to explore rape.

Oh, one big disappointment about the movie was how they allude to the Saints, and it's a Debbie movie...but no Saints!!

X-Ray Specs said...

Thanks for your comment, much appreciated.