Thursday, April 1, 2010


Jackie Treehorn presents LOGJAMMIN starring Carl Hungus and Bunny Lajoya.

Carl has come to fix the cable at Bunny's apartment. Bunny, who is wearing a negligee, tells him that her neighbor has stopped over for a shower. At this point her neighbor, Shari, appears in the room topless......oh why go on with this is simply ludicrous.

A few extra notes on the movie:

Jackie Treehorn treats objects like women. He also produced the xxx film Gutterballs.

Carl Hungus, whose real name is Uli Kunkel, is a Nihilist, which he finds to be very exhausting. He was also in the German Techo Pop Group Autobahn. The group released one album: Nagelbett(Nail Bed).

Bunny LaJoya is a porn named used by Bunny Lebowski. She is a trophy wife(to use the parlance of our times) of an older rich disabled man.

It has been reported that she would give men bj's for a $1,000, and charge her husband's assistant, Brad, $100 if he wanted to watch.


Roger Feelbert said...

Classic review. And to think, I only saw it because I just checked in to see what condition my condition was in.

X-Ray Specs said...

Now if I can just find Jackie Treehorn's avant-garde porn feature "Gutterballs". Perhaps by April 1st of next year, I will have it in my possession.