Thursday, September 3, 2009


The movie starts with a porn film crew arriving on the island. Instead of the scene they were going to do, they spot Gilligan and use him secretly in their scene. Then they have a meeting with the island residents and agree that after they shoot their movie, they will take the castaways with them when they leave.

Instead of the movie the porn crew had planned to film, they decide to do hidden camera scenes with the island residents. This sets up all of the future scenes in This Ain't Gilligan's Island, with either the film crew having sex with an island resident or island residents having sex with each other. That's basically the whole plot.

Ok, I know that the plot of getting off the island was used over and over on the original series. But, I would say that there wasn't more than a page of dialogue written to join the sex scenes together in This Ain't Gilligan's Island; maybe if the writer double spaced, he might have had two pages. I would say that the sex scenes are way too long (a little longer than most current porno features) which left no time for plot, but if you have no plot to start with, I guess there is nothing left but to fill the two hours with sex.

This is absolutely the worst of the porn parodies that I have seen. If anyone watched this for their first porn parody, I don't think they would ever want to watch another one. Hell, it almost made be not want to watch another porn parody. The best thing that I can say about this movie is that the sets looked good, although there was one Tiki Head that seemed to move from one set to the next.

My original reaction after finishing the movie was to rate it a C minus. However, since seeing This Ain't Gilligan's Island, I have seen a couple of good porn parodies, and giving this movie a C minus would be an insult to the good ones, so I'm rating it a D plus.

This Ain't Gilligan's Island starring Darryl Hanah, Sindee Jennings, Ryder Skye, Regan Reese, Anthony Rosano, Jack Lawrence, Evan Stone, Rod Fontana and directed by Anton Slayer

Below is a trailer and sneak preview. The star rating is from youtube, NOT my rating.


Anonymous said...

Oh jeez, another one to miss...

I'm holding out for Married With Children - trailer looks great!

X-Ray Specs said...

Since watching Gilligan, I have watched This Ain't Star Trek which I thought was pretty good and Not Three's Company, which I thought was excellent.

I see that The 70s show, Lost, True Blood, Buffy The Vampire Slayer and who knows what else are all in the upcoming porn pipeline. Sometimes I want to yell ENOUGH ALREADY! But since some of these are among my favorite TV shows, I'm actually looking forward to them.

BTW, We finished Dark Angels #1 and we both liked it.

Anonymous said...

I feel the same way - I wish they would put some of this money and time into original scripts. But I guess that would asking too much, especially when you take a look at what Hollywood has been spewing out recently, not to mention the state of television.

Oh, and I'm glad you both liked Dark Angels - I will check it out.

X-Ray Specs said...

I guess you gotta expect them to make what sells.

Look forward to hearing your thoughts on Dark Angels. I hope to get Dark Angels #2 soon and will keep my fingers crossed that the sequel lives up to the original.