Friday, November 8, 2013


The plot of Official Halloween Parody deviates enough (including changing the ending) from the original mainstream film, that it makes this movie more of a re-imagined version. Since this is the second of two Halloween parodies I've watched, most comments will be a comparison of the two films

James Bartholet takes on the Dr. Loomis part and is ok in the role, but pales in comparison to Marcus London as the same character in Halloween XXX Porn Parody. To Bartholet's credit, he does "ham" up his part, making his role reminiscent of Donald Pleasant in the original mainstream film.The main trio of females Laurie, Annie, and Lynda are here played by Chanel Preston, Dana Dearmond, and Lexi Belle (oddly Lexi also plays Lynda in Halloween XXX Porn Parody). This movie ages the trio to young adults with jobs, rather than students and there is no babysitting going on in this film.

To mention a few of the other things wrong with this movie: The locale of a quiet suburban neighborhood threatened with a killer is done away with, instead the main house in Official Halloween Parody is set high above any other houses. There's no closet scene, and there's even a tacked on scene at the end, mainly added to enable another sex scene to be included in the movie. To their credit Official Halloween Parody actually plays things more for laughs than horror, with most of the humor coming through Bartholet's role; and they did spend the extra money and get a good Myers mask, one thing that Halloween XXX Porn Parody failed at.

 I had previously seen two of director Gary Orona's other movies: Official Psycho Parody (A-) and Official Friday The 13th Parody (B+),  with those two as background viewing, I was excited to see another Orona production. Unfortunately, Official Halloween Parody turned out to be what looked like a cheap, quickly made production. Maybe it was rushed to get into the market two months before Halloween XXX Porn Parody. Whatever the reason, there's nothing special about this one and it barely rates a C. This was a major disappointment after seeing Orona's other two highly rated parodies.

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