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From the liner notes:: Inner blues is a rarity in adult productions. It is lavish. It is wild. And it's got the live, hard driven pulsating metal music by Gutz. The action revolves around "Club 64" -- the bar where the pick-ups are made -- the stage where the young and beautiful looking-for-stardom hopefuls perform -- and the main floor where the gyrating, undulating crowds rock to the beat in sensual heat! The main participants are Lauren, starry-eyed, vulnerable and incredibly desirable, waiting for a big break as a dancer and her boyfriend Bruce, a drug-weary musician down with the blues. Giving brilliant performances in these parts are the wonderful Taija Rae, the handsome Jerry Butler, the outrageous Frankie Leigh, the villainous Viper and William Margold as Rocky. If you're looking for some superior film viewing -- and listening -- catch the beat, the sensual heat of inner blues. It will rock you off your feet!

I just love the liner notes, this sounds like one hell of a movie. Unfortunately, it doesn't live up to its description. This isn't that much of a surprise, since the jacket notes were put there to sell the movie. However, it's a pretty decent movie with a plot that actually makes sense.

Here's how I saw the plot: Taija Rae bartends at Club 64 and wants to be one of the strippers. However, the boss insists on having sex with anyone who wants to strip and Taija will not consent. Taija is also taking care of her musician boyfriend, Jerry Butler, who doesn't have a job and is suppose to stay off dope. But while Taija is at work, Jerry snorts coke and has sex with Viper. Taija conceives a Ladies Night at the club and in a somewhat weird twist, she books the metal band GUTZ, instead of Jerry. She does promise Jerry that he will be able to play there later. GUTZ plays and Taija carries around a guitar and strips (just like an old MTV video, but with nudity). Margold is seen hiring a new bartender at the end of the movie, since he has decided that Taija can perform on stage from now on.

A few additional comments from Mr. X-Ray:

Taija does a great acting job and is believable throughout the movie.

Jerry Butler is a pretty good actor. You can pretty much always count on the fact that he is going to give a porn performance everything he has in his acting repertoire. He always reminds me of a small town community theatre actor. My trouble is that after reading his biography Raw Talent, I can always see Jerry "acting".

Viper was way ahead of her time with a tattoo of a snake poised to strike her left nipple, that morphs into a tiger composed of interlaced skulls across her belly, and finally reanimates as a snake snapping at her clitoris.

Inner Blues directed by Vincent Rossi and starring: Jerry Butler, Taija Rae, William Margold, Viper, Kim Acosta, Tami Lee Curtis, Frankie Leigh, Sharon Kane, Billy Dee

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Roger Feelbert said...

That sounds like a doozy of a tattoo....

And I've also had the same problem watching Jerry Butler after reading "Raw Talent."