Monday, May 3, 2010


From the back of the box: "Foxy french tart Miss du Pre stars in this tantalizing blast from the past, playing a youthfully naive beauty who comes under a sensual spell when she's introduced to the far-out pleasures of the flesh. Shot on location in France, the lush sexvid takes us into the back alleys and bawdy bordellos of Paris, where she is stuck as the story begins. She soon finds a place at a secluded brothel that caters to the unique whims of their wealthy clientele. Monique gets washed away on a sensual sea of lust as she is welcomed into the realm of pure carnal bliss and adventure. Eventually she falls for a rich but sadistic client who brings her back to his place for some erotically indentured servitude. Monique is given to the man's swarthy black manservant, who shows her a whole new world of wickedly wanton desire. In the end, Monique ends up as the sexual plaything of both the wealthy malefactor and his well-built valet. This is a wildly passionate, intensely focused sex film that delves head first into the deep waters of out-there sexual expression. An exquisitely photographed, stunningly erotic opus that never fails to startle and

I can only find the director's name Ji Bourg Jime tied to this one movie. I'm not sure if Object of Desire was so terrible he never got a chance to direct another porno or if Ji Bourg JIme is just a pseudonym. According to IMDB it was released in 1983 and was a Finnish release, although I know it states shot on location in France. Maybe there's something lost in the translation causing me to find this to be one of the worse pornos I have ever seen. It had a draggy plot that made little sense, the direction was terrible, the cinematography wasn't good, and the sex scenes were uninspired. I couldn't even bring myself to finish this travesty of a movie. Even though Object of Desire had Juilet Anderson, I'm still rating this one an F

Object of Desire starring Juliet Anderson, Mai Lin, Taylor Wayne, Derek Amanza, Giovanne Andre, Adrianna Bach, Bella Blanche, Wanda Bruce, June Budezi, Marilyn du Pre, Janine Jarre, Loma Lake, Lisa Lo, Ronell Randall, Rex Rappers, Rod Savage, Ti'Bourg Taime, Abe Theimbe, Tom Byron and directed by
Ji Bourg Jime


Roger Feelbert said...

I just checked, and this film is in my rental queue...but now I'm strongly considering striking it. Yeesh.

X-Ray Specs said...

Roger - don't let me scare you off your rental, everyone has different tastes, you might see qualities that I didn't. It just was NOT for me!

Tower Farm said...

That DVD cover is perfectly gross. Wow.


X-Ray Specs said...

That's the late Juliet "Aunt Peg" Anderson (she died this past January) on the cover. She was a very interesting person - didn't even enter porn until she was 39.

Check out her Wikipedia page for more details:

Dr. Heckle said...

I love coming under a "sensual spell." It's a nice break from reality. ;P

X-Ray Specs said...

Most days any break from reality is welcome :-)