Thursday, June 3, 2010


There are two storylines in Model Behavior. One storyline is about Stormy Daniels and the escort service she operates. This part of Model Behavior is used to set up a series of vignettes as different girls are sent to meet different clients. I was not very enthused with this sparse plot line and almost stopped watching. Luckily the other storyline held my interest just enough to keep me watching. This second storyline is about Stormy being stalked by a former lover, who has just gotten out of jail and blames Stormy for putting him there.

A very small bit of the stalker plot is revealed between each of the vignettes, but the stalker storyline really doesn't get rolling until the last fifteen minutes. Once the stalker (Randy Spears) finally appears in a very well directed and acted scene, the suspense really picks up and the movie kicks into high gear. It made me really want to see how things would work out in the end. Unfortunately, the box cover gives too big of a hint about the ending; however, there are still some events that will play out a little differently than you expect. I won't say any more, for those who wish to see Model Behavior and don't won't the ending completely spoiled.

Randy Spears is, as I've stated before, one of the better actors in today's XXX movies. I didn't see anything out of the ordinary with his direction of the movie, except for the one scene mentioned above; but he also wrote the movie, and even if the plot was reminiscent of some mainstream movies, I found it novel for a XXX feature. It's too bad that Model Behavior didn't build the suspense throughout the whole movie, instead of just getting tacked on at the end.

Stormy always carries her own in any movie she appears in, that's one of the reasons, besides her sex appeal, she's one of the top female actor/performers around today. Model Behavior was no exception to the rule, since Stormy was excellent in her dramatic scenes.

It's too bad that 90 minutes of Model Behavior was for the most part wasted on me (very little plot, uninspired sex scenes, fake boobs, nothing that I'm looking for in a feature XXX movie). This would normally cause a rating of at best a D, but the last 15 minutes of Model Behavior deserves an A, so I'm going to average this one out to a solid C.

Model Behavior starring Stormy Daniels, Rocco Reed, Tanya James, Kayla Paige, Randy Spears, Charisma Cappelli, Jack Vegas, Brad Armstrong, Eric Masterson and written and directed by Randy Spears.

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