Thursday, January 9, 2014


The Time Machine turned out to be a pleasant surprise. I rented it on the strength of an excellent Jace Rocker production I had seen in the past, A Little Piece of My Heart, and the fact that it had Jonathan Morgan in the cast and he usually brings a sense of humor to any movie in which he is cast. I still felt that this was going to be a pretty standard vignette style porn masquerading as a feature, but it turned out to be a true feature in vignette style, if that makes any sense.

Jonathan Morgan inherits an old house and a pile of money from his late grandfather. In the basement, Morgan and his girlfriend Serenity find a time machine and while having sex they inadvertently send the time machine back to the old west. Since the directions were left behind, they wind up visiting different eras of time while trying to get back home. Of course this sets up sex scenes during different parts of history. Besides the Old West, there are scenes with American Indians, Romans, futuristic aliens, and prehistoric people. 

The amazing part of The Time Machine is that it never lost sight of the part of the plot about trying to get back home. Even though each stop has its own story, the continuity of the main storyline is kept intact throughout the complete film. Add in LOTS of humorous lines, even if some are corny, and the pleasant fact the sex scenes only run around 12 minutes and you get a winning combination. 

The only drawback to The Time Machine is lousy audio. It always seems audio is the least concern with any XXX production, but the audio in The Time Machine is particularity bad, it's like they only had one stationary microphone. I'm going to knock off a little bit for the sound problem but The Time Machine still earns a well deserved A-

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