Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Twist On An Old Theme

Jerry was just another struggling actor in Hollywood until he got his big break as a porn star. Reluctantly at first, Jerry takes on his new role as a hired stud to make money for his upcoming wedding. He never tells his fiancee where the cash is coming from. Yet as his popularity quickly swells, so does his head, and mild-mannered Jerry soon assumes the abrasive and abusive persona of his porno alter-ego, Buddy Brando. But what goes up must come down, and Buddy's tarnished star is no exception!

Starring Kylie Ireland, Joel Lawrence, Jessica Jewel, Syren, Keisha, Midori, Donita Dunes, Anita Cannibal, Violet Love, Herschel Savage, Kyle Stone, Steve Hatcher, Tyce Bune, Michael J. Cox

Instead of going with the old theme of a young starlet falling into the world of porno, Raw twists that theme and has a male inadvertently falling into the world of porn and the consequences he suffers.

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