Sunday, May 3, 2009


The Basic Plot: Roxy Deville is a spoiled mafia princess who discovers her boyfriend Darren in bed with another woman. When her mafia father (Paul Allen) refuses to put a hit out on the cheating boyfriend, Roxy takes matters into her own hands. She promises Tommy Gunn that she will have sex with him, if he kills her boyfriend. Tommy enlists the help of a fellow goon; but they both turn out to be bumbling idiots and manage to screw up every attempt they make at the hit. They're so bad, that they eventually have to be rescued by the very man they are trying to kill.

Roxy Deville gives a great performance as the spoiled Mafia Princess and Tommy Gunn does an adequate job of playing the bumbling hit man. In my opinion, Tommy Gunn is better when he is cast as a menacing character. In Whack Job, he is definitely playing against type. The real standout among all the actors was Paul Allen in his non-sex role as the Mafia Don. Probably because of his voice, he reminded me of the comedian Bobby Slayton.

I will have to give credit to Stormy for one well shot and interesting scene in the movie: the group sex scene, with a lot of overhead shots to capture the "action".

I had looked forward to this movie, since it was written and directed by Stormy. I had previously seen Stormy's: Operation Desert Stormy(one of the better comic porn videos), Sleeping Around, For Love Money or A Green Card, and Gossip, and enjoyed all of them. However, this one was just mildly amusing and I mean MILDLY. The plot was thin and the writing struggled trying to deliver laughs. After seeing Whack Job, this has put me off renting any more Stormy directed movies in the near future, with the exception of the future Operation Tropical Stormy, the sequel to Operation Desert Stormy; hopefully, that sequel will not be a let down like the sequel of Pirates.

Directed and written by Stormy and starring Kaylani Lei, Roxy Deville, Gianna Lynn, Veronica Rayne, Nikki Rhodes, Lexi Lamour, Derrick Pierce, Tony de Sergio, Alexa Jordan, Jack Vegas, Ethan Cage, Tommy Gunn, Mr. Pete

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