Sunday, March 2, 2014


It's always a crap shoot with an Axel Braun movie, sometimes you get a good parody (Spider-Man, Superman, Cheers, This Ain't Star Trek), some that are just ok (Star Trek #2) and some that make you wish you were watching something else (Dark Knight, Letterman). This Ain't Star Trek 3 falls into the latter category. This movie really should be listed as a vignette rather than a plot driven feature film.

The scant plot has Kirk (Evan Stone) being beamed back to The Enterprise, but due to a time twist he winds up on an earlier version of The Enterprise, where he meets his younger self played by Michael Vegas. With a running time of 104 minutes, which includes 5 long sex scenes, This Ain't Star Trek 3 has VERY little time for any type of storyline or plot development. Maybe all the effort went into making effects for the 3-D version or maybe it was decided as long as you stick the words "Star Trek" on the box, you'll have a guaranteed built in audience. 

Whatever the reason(s), This Ain't Star Trek 3 really proves the old adage that a sequel isn't going to be good as the original, since each subsequent entry in this series has gotten progressively worse. Let's only hope that there isn't (or should I say ain't) another This Ain't Star Trek on the horizon, unless someone other than Axel Braun is at the helm.

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