Friday, April 2, 2010


There are some great Golden Age Porno features with great plots, but Bad Girls of Godiva High isn't one of them.

The plot centers around an all girls school, Godiva High, and the upcoming dance. They normally have a very sedate dance, but the girls want to have a Disco Party (the movie was made in 1980). But they'll have to convince the headmistress before they can have the dance that they want. Luckily one of the girls knows a guy from the all boys school and he just happens to be the headmistress' gardener, so they can get him to do the convincing (cue sex scene here). Next they have to get the owner and DJ of a local disco to put on the party (cue sex scene).

Bad Girls of Godiva High was filmed on location, rather than on a set and other than that one plus, I can think of nothing I really enjoyed about this movie. The little bit of plot is so contrived that you're probably only going to find it in a porno or a cheap sexploitation movie needing set ups for sex scenes. Adding in the bad looking cast, the uninspired sex scenes and the bad transfer from video to dvd, I can easily give this one a D

Good Girls of Godiva High starring Robin Sane, Richard Bolla, Denise Sloan, Maria Lopez, Kristy Stone, Alice Amber, Susan De Angelis, Mae East, L.A. Johnson, Joe Kane, Bobby Martin, Davida Monroe, Peter Morrison, Bob Presley, Rose Reyes, Kitsy Storme, Herschel Savage, Ron Jeremy, Merle Michaels and directed by Jim Clark

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