Saturday, January 23, 2010


The plot of WKRP: A XXX Parody is that the station finally came up with a good contest - giving away front row seats to a Supertramp concert. This big promotion will finally allow the station to make a profit. But as luck would have it, the tickets go missing and the station could be in big trouble.

My first clue that this wasn't going to be one the better sitcums is at the very first scene of the movie: Andy is getting ready to go to work and after a very short dialogue sequence with his girlfriend, the movie goes into its first 25 minute sex scene. This scene wasn't only unnecessary, since it had nothing to do with the movie, but appears to have been shot just to bore me from the outset. I must now give thanks to the FF button!

After the sex scene, Andy arrives at work and we get introduced to most of the WKRP regulars. There's some funny dialogue and it looks like maybe the movie will pick up some steam, but instead we get one of the worst actors in the movie, Tee Reel. Either Tee Reel has never seen WKRP and doesn't have any idea who Venus Flytrap is, or he just doesn't have any acting ability. Hard to decide what the case might be, but he is certainly b-a-d and not in a good way. Oh yeah, another 25 minute sex scene follows.

Next up we have some more humorous dialogue and Herb gets Jennifer to agree to go to lunch with him, somehow, this turns into having sex on Jennifer's desk. WTF, from agreeing to lunch to having sex. Either I missed something here, or this was just a sex scene jammed in with no rhyme nor reason. And yes, another 25 minute sex scene.

Finally, we get to an actor that "gets" his part, Evan Stone as Johnny Fever. I know some people don't like Evan, but he has impressed me time and again with his ability to actually act and understand the character he is playing. And at least the sex scene with Evan and the two ladies in the runoff for the Supertramp tickets generates some heat on screen. The scene is also 25 minutes, but I only had to use the FF button sparingly.

The final sex scene is Les and Bailey and the scene makes no logical sense. It appears that the writers couldn't really figure out why Bailey and Les would have sex, they just do, just like in the earlier scene in which Jennifer has sex with Herb. Neither of these scenes make any logical sense with the original characters' personalities. Hey writer(s)! I know this is just a goofy sitcum, but logical use of the characters would have been nice.

This is an 147 minute movie with 125 minutes of sex scenes, leaving 22 minutes of actual movie. I should point out that 22 minutes is approximately the time an original WKRP would have run on TV, taking out time for commercials. And those 22 minutes do contain a pretty good WKRP episode with the double entendres just a little bit more X rated than on the original show. I understand that the bonus disc (which I didn't have with my rental) contains a one hour "party version". If I had know that, I would have just rented the bonus disc. Oh well, live and learn!

WKRP In Cincinnati: A XXX Parody has some pretty funny lines and does have some entertainment value, but the sex scenes were just too long in between the dialogue parts of the movie to hold my interest (with the FF button, I finished the movie in about an hour). The actors were all adequate and for the most part appear that they were cast because they looked somewhat like the original actor, other than for their actual acting ability. With the exceptions being those that I have already pointed out above: Tee Reel as the worst actor and Evan Stone as the best actor of the bunch.

I guess if someone stumbled on this blog, they would be puzzled by the fact that I'm not happy with a porn movie with too much sex and too little story. But I see no reason why there can't be more balance in these new sitcums or for that matter in any modern porn feature. Some of the Golden Age Porn movies could achieve this balance, including sex scenes that would make logical sense in the movies and flow with the plot. I'm pretty sure today's writers/directors are just as smart as the 70s/80s writers/directors....but then again...I could be wrong.

I grade this one a C-

WKRP In Cincinnati: A XXX Parody starring Kagney Linn Karter, Faye Reagan, Ashlynn Brooke, Janet Mason, Ralph Long, Tee Reel, Andy San Dimas, Jackie Daniels, Holly Heart, Ryan McLane, Evan Stone, Scott Lyons, Rod Fontana and directed by Lee Roy Meyers.

Monday, January 11, 2010



In case you have never checked in on Mr. Bug, do yourself a favor and quit reading this post and click on the link above. Not only does Mr. Bug have an in-depth understanding of movies, but he is also able to give you the facts with a big dollop of humor.

And Now Onto The Award: The Fibonacci is a very special blog award to be given out only to those bloggers and blogs whose work have inspired others. The blog should be one that would cause others to want to passionately create something new and in the process inspire someone else to create a new post and soon marvelous posts are being spawned at a ratio calculable only by some esoteric mathematical formula. If you have received this award your site has been deemed exceptional in the areas of technical skill, graphic layout and worthy content as well as having a certain of accessibility by the general public. What must you do if you receive this award? In order to inspire more and more blogs of high distinction all you have to do is send the award out to a number of blogs greater than the number one. Can be two. Can be four. Can be a dozen. No need to disclose any personal secrets about your self. Your blog is already a small but integral part of a creative process. You be as a single sunflower seed in a giant sunflower. Congratulations on your reception of the mysterious and elusive Fibonacci.

I am passing the prestigious Fibonnaci award onto these blogs of distinction:

1. The Gore Gore Girl - one of the only other blogs I have ever been able to find that discusses porn movies not just for the sex, but for the content.

2. M.Bug - Always something interesting at this blog. A lot of M.Bug's posts help remind me of my own childhood.

3. WFMU's Beware of The Blog - eclectic group of music fanatics.

4. Pornonomy - very well written blog concentrating on the classic golden age of porn movies.

Honorable Mention since it's not really a blog: Truckers, Shuckers, Freeks and Geeks - where else can you find an Englishman living in Oregon playing offbeat country music.