Monday, January 11, 2010



In case you have never checked in on Mr. Bug, do yourself a favor and quit reading this post and click on the link above. Not only does Mr. Bug have an in-depth understanding of movies, but he is also able to give you the facts with a big dollop of humor.

And Now Onto The Award: The Fibonacci is a very special blog award to be given out only to those bloggers and blogs whose work have inspired others. The blog should be one that would cause others to want to passionately create something new and in the process inspire someone else to create a new post and soon marvelous posts are being spawned at a ratio calculable only by some esoteric mathematical formula. If you have received this award your site has been deemed exceptional in the areas of technical skill, graphic layout and worthy content as well as having a certain of accessibility by the general public. What must you do if you receive this award? In order to inspire more and more blogs of high distinction all you have to do is send the award out to a number of blogs greater than the number one. Can be two. Can be four. Can be a dozen. No need to disclose any personal secrets about your self. Your blog is already a small but integral part of a creative process. You be as a single sunflower seed in a giant sunflower. Congratulations on your reception of the mysterious and elusive Fibonacci.

I am passing the prestigious Fibonnaci award onto these blogs of distinction:

1. The Gore Gore Girl - one of the only other blogs I have ever been able to find that discusses porn movies not just for the sex, but for the content.

2. M.Bug - Always something interesting at this blog. A lot of M.Bug's posts help remind me of my own childhood.

3. WFMU's Beware of The Blog - eclectic group of music fanatics.

4. Pornonomy - very well written blog concentrating on the classic golden age of porn movies.

Honorable Mention since it's not really a blog: Truckers, Shuckers, Freeks and Geeks - where else can you find an Englishman living in Oregon playing offbeat country music.

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Yippee! Thank you Mr. X-Ray!!