Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Eric Masterson is having a bad day to say the least. He gets fired from his job, he gets rained on leaving the office, when he gets home he finds out that his girlfriend is running off with the cable guy and to add insult to injury the cable's still not fixed. Eric is so distraught after everything that has happened he says "I would sell my soul to the Devil to watch that game" ...POOF...Eric is in Hell with the Devil (Devon Michaels). The Devil has a big fat contract that will grant Eric 3 Wishes in exchange for his soul. Eric is reluctant at first, but finally decides to go with the deal. His first wish is not only to get his job back, but to be "The Boss". This definitely does not work out like he hoped. He goes for his second wish, which also goes haywire. Eric decides he wants out of his contract and gets Stormy, his next door neighbor who is a paralegal to look over the contract. She advises him NOT to use his 3rd wish and everything will be ok. Eric can't resist and makes his 3rd wish and Stormy has to save his soul herself.

I have purposely left out what goes wrong with Eric's wishes, since that would spoil most of your fun when you watch 3 Wishes. I also am not revealing how Stormy saves Eric in the end, since there is just a slight twist to the plot involving Stormy and The Devil.

Eric Masterson excels at playing nerdy guys. He is well cast here in his part which calls for a lot of reaction shots and delivery of some pretty comedic lines. Eric ranks up there with the best of today's male porn actors. Sometimes I think people only consider him a supporting actor and don't really think of him as 'the leading man" since he acts the dweeb so much.

Stormy wrote and directed 3 Wishes. Her writing is A-1, as good as the writing would be in a mainstream movie using this type of plot (which I have been told is the plot to "Bedazzled", but I haven't seen that movie). Her direction on the plot parts of the movie are well done. Her direction on the sex scenes are lackluster: shoot here, pan to inanimate object, back to sex scene which has now shifted positions, repeat for the next 20 minutes (YES, the sex scenes are way too long).

Besides the long sex scenes, I only have a two other minor complaints with 3 Wishes. Besides Jasmine Byrne, who plays Eric's girlfriend, every other female has fake tits. While Stormy obviously has had a top of the line boob job, the other performers have not, with Devon's being particularly bad. My last gripe is the casting of Devon as The Devil. I guess that Stormy being female thought casting a woman as the Devil would be a novel idea and there is even some dialog about why a woman is actually The Devil. I probably wouldn't have had any problem with this, except Stormy had the perfect devil - Tommy Gunn - he's already got The Devil look, instead he is wasted in 3 Wishes as The Devil's minion.

3 Wishes, like the majority of the other movies that Stormy has written/directed is better than most of what you find in modern day comedy porno movies. I really don't think you can go wrong if you see her name attached in those capacities. If she ever decides to leave the acting/performing side of XXX movies, she could still have a career in the directing/writing side of them. I rate this one a B+

3 Wishes starring: Jada Fire, Eva Angelina, Jasmine Byrne, Stormy Daniels, Devon Michaels, Lexi Lamour, Ethan Cage, Nick Jacobs, Tommy Gunn, Eric Masterson, Billy Glide and directed by Stormy Daniels


Anonymous said...

Agreed, agreed. I like this, but it's not her best (it is her first time writing/directing).

I also strongly concur about Masterson (I think we talked about this some time ago). I met him at AVN where he was wandering around, not signing - we just walked up to him and said hello. He was super cool, and just the way you would expect him to be. I always like his performances.

X-Ray Specs said...

I was under the impression that "One Night In Vegas" was Stormy's writing/directing debut.

Great hearing about Eric Masterson. Can you explain a little bit more about the statement "just the way you expect him to be"

Thanks - Mr. X-Ray

Anonymous said...

Oh, you may be right about One Night in Vegas!

Haha - Eric talked and behaved kinda like one of his characters, was what I meant. He was super nice, talked in that voice, chatted about movies/directors. It was cool.

X-Ray Specs said...

Thanks for the info on Eric. Mucho appreciated - Mr. X-Ray