Monday, April 26, 2010


The movie begins in black and white for the first few minutes to get you into the mood of the 1930s, when radio programs were the norm and people tuned into them the same way they do TV shows today. The radio show featured in Off The Air is "When Darkness Falls". The actors are being killed off one by one and their off air deaths are the same as what was written in the script.

Randy Spears wrote and directed plus stars in Off The Air. I'm guessing that Randy must have a passion for old radio. He plays the part of the radio announcer and has the perfect deep voice for the part. Add in cheap, but still pretty good sets and really good costumes and you have an excellent murder mystery porno. Off The Air has a logical plot from the start of the movie to the twist finish. The sex scenes are integrated into the storyline and as an added bonus, they only cast actresses without boob jobs, since it was 1939 this helped add some realism to the movie. Even the background music seemed appropriate to the time period. And since the movie is fairly short (99 minutes) the sex scenes aren't mind numbingly long. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this to anyone who likes a feature porno and I give it a grade of B+

Off The Air starring Penny Flame, Kirsten Price, Carolyn Reese, Cassie Young, Justice Young, Randy Spears, Chris Cannon, Barrett Blade, Michael Raven, Mike Horner and directed by Randy Spears

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