Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Jonathan Morgan Let Me Down

ONE SLEEPLESS NIGHT. The Plot: When Kylie can' t sleep, the whole world gets turned on. Its just one of those nights, you know the kind, tossing, turning... maybe something's on the tube. Oh yeah, this looks good. If only they would show some great love scenes the way Kylie likes....thus begin the scenes. Starring Brad Armstrong, Calli Cox, Cherie, Jason McCain, Joel Lawrence, Joelean, Kianna, Kyle Stone, Kylie Ireland, Lee Stone, Pay Myne, Terra Part and directed by Jonathan Morgan.

This is actually just a clip movie. A very minimum of a a plot that just gets to the sex scenes. A little of Jonathan Morgan's humor shows through, IF you listen to the words in the background coming from the TV. But One Sleepless Night is absent of Jonathan Morgan's usual fairly well developed humorous plot lines. Plus the movie has such an abrupt ending, it is startling. It actually looks like the movie was never finished or really edited bad. So, it depends on what you looking for if you want to rent this movie. Plot: bare, sex scenes: lots.

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