Sunday, August 30, 2009


I'm a sucker for any movie set in New Orleans, so of course, Debbie Does New Orleans is in my personal collection of movies set in New Orleans.

Eccentric New Orleans has some behind the scenes photos from the movie, plus filming locations and locals who are in the movie.

Some notes on the people you will see on Eccentric New Orleans and who appear in Debbie Does New Orleans:

Lucky Cheng's was a restaurant with a floor show and all the waitresses and performers were Drag Queens. I saw Star Lady last year in New Orleans outside The Gumbo Shop. The Royal Street singing group is still going, although I believe there is only one of the performers in the movie that is still in the group.

The plot: Debbie has a chance to be a cheerleader at the Super Bowl, but she can't decide whether to go to New Orleans or not, since her fiancé says he needs her to help him at the motel he runs. But Debbie catches him cheating on her, so she takes off for New Orleans to pursue her own dreams. Debbie winds up being coveted by some sex fiends who want to see her in a sex show at a club located outside New Orleans in the swamp. She refuses, but her fiancé has been captured and is going to be anally raped unless Debbie takes his place on stage, which she does. All of this causes Debbie to miss her big cheerleading shot and she winds back up at the motel cleaning up, while her fiancé is back to his old ways of cheating on her.

Now besides the fact that I enjoyed seeing the New Orleans location shots, this is a pretty decent movie, even if the plot does break down in places. The thing that I found most interesting was what I guess might be called the message of the movie. Debbie rescues her fiancé from being raped, but he continues to cheat on her afterwards anyway. What's the message? Are guys suppose to think, the girl will stay with me no matter what I do. Are women suppose to think, he's just always going to be a cheater, there's nothing I can do about it, even if causes me to miss my own chance at happiness. Just seems like a mixed message to me.

My only other thought is the threat of anal rape used in Debbie Does New Orleans. I haven't seen enough Paul Thomas movies to know if this is a running theme in his movies, but find it curious to that in 1999's Debbie Does New Orleans and in 2008's Cry Wolf, male anal rape or the threat of male anal rape is contained in both movies.

Debbie Does New Orleans starring Sky, Temptress, Chandler, Wendy Divine, Alexandra Nice, Vivian Valentine, Alexa, Maya, Erik Everhard, Eric Masterson, T.T. Boy, Bobby Vitale, Devin Wolf, Dillion Day, Steve Taylor and directed by Paul Thomas

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Honest Scrap Award

XXX MARKS THE PLOT has been awarded The Honest Scrap Award by THE LIGHTNING BUG'S LAIR . For those of you who have never checked out THE BUG, you will be astounded by his knowledge of movies.

Here's 10 blogs that I check everyday, therefore passing on The Honest Scrap Award.

1. The Gore Gore Girl - an educated person's guide to the world of porn.

2. Stay Right Here A Little While - Mr. Smith has great musical tastes and on top of that he throws in a movie review every now and then.

3. M.Bug doesn't blog all that often, but when she does, it is always interesting.

4. Thrilling Days of Yesteryear keeps me up on old movies and TV on DVD.

5. 8 Track Journal - don't think a blog about 8 Tracks can be interesting, then you haven't read this blog.

6. A Greenville Life - even though there are a lot of German recipes and stamping news, the blog is well worth it for the restaurant reviews.

7. When You Awake alt country blog with some great mix tapes.

8. Yard Sale Bloodbath - all about yard sales in Seattle with photos.

9. Yard Sale Addict - all about yard sales in the Atlanta area.

10. Yard Sale Queen - yard sales in Maryland.

Now the rules call for a list of 10 honest things about myself.

1. I saw my first porn movie (not counting stag films) in a movie theater at the age of 17 by using someone else's draft card to prove I was 18 and gain admittance to the theater.

2. Even though I hate fake boobs, some of my favorite porn performers have gone that route - Stormy Daniels, Katie Morgan, Jessica Drake, Jesse Jane.

3. I have sold lots of videos on EBAY over the last 11 years, but I have never sold a porn video.

4. I hate anal scenes.

5. My earliest favorite female porn performer was Ginger Lynn.

6. I love a good spoof/parody porn. Unfortunately, these are few and far between to be found.

7. I am a big Bob Dylan fan; however, I don't take him as seriously as a lot hard core fans do.

8. My favorite type of cd is a compilation of an artist's songs done by other artists. A tribute cd of Bob Dylan songs would be my ideal cd.

9. I love to read, especially mystery/detective/comic crime novels. And if they are set in Florida, only the better.

10. I really hate doing lists.

Friday, August 14, 2009

PORN - Business of Pleasure

This is a fairly interesting special. It covers the business, some of the stars, women behind the scenes and a few other things.

CNBC is scheduled to replay it Sunday August 16 and August 19th, both times at 1am est. Check your local listings. Here's a link to the show on CNBC's web site: BUSINESS of PORN

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Released in 1988 and starring Shanna McCullough, Annie Sprinkle, Stephanie Rage, Randy Paul, Alexis Firestone, Carlos Valentino, and Ron Jeremy.

The skimpy plot: There's a new Latino neighbor and there's confusion about who is sleeping with him. This results in the rest of the characters having sex with someone out of willingness or out of revenge.

The writing: There was so little plot, that there really isn't much to say about the lines the actors deliver. Most of the better lines appear to be ad libs.

The set: The kitchen set is fairly true to the original Honeymooners set. The sex all takes place in an adjoining bedroom, which looks too modern to fit with the kitchen set. The sex scenes are lit much better than the kitchen scenes and I expect they were shot at a different time.

The acting: Randy Paul is excellent as the Norton character. Carlos Valentino does a good job as the Latin Lover. Ron Jeremy is passable as the Ralph character and Stephanie Rage and Alexis Firestone do a decent job as Trixie and Alice

The sex: Pretty standard, most scenes are shot in the same sequence of setups with several cream pie shots.

The weirdest part of the movie: Trixie has two scenes shot outside. These scenes are filler and definitely don't fit in with the rest of the movie.

Final Thought: The Horneymooners just didn't live up to my expectations. I was expecting a little more plot and a lot more humor. The only pluses are Randy Paul's portrayal of Norton and Stephanie Rage is a good “sex actress”. I would grade The Horneymooners a C minus.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


The basic plot of the movie revolves around a magazine called AVG (Adult Video Guide) and the movie is meant to be a take on AVN (Adult Video News). The back of the box blurb: "Hollywood, CA - A young reporter accepts a position at adult trade mag powerhouse AVG, and becomes immersed in the strange world where pornography and journalism meet. Gradually he grows from an eager cub reporter into a sophisticated writer, surviving the distractions and pitfalls one would expect in the pornalism full-on bondage and non-stop, hardcore anal sex...stop the presses! Briana Banks is the lead ... Tom Byron's the sidebar ... and Paul Thomas is at the desk. Any resemblance to AVN is purely intentional."

The movie's purpose was either to rip open the world of porn journalism and show us how things work behind the scenes or have us see how kinky these people all are. While both of these themes may be of interest to those working in the world of porn journalism, it didn't do a lot for me.

The best part of the plot was Kylie Ireland, playing a retired superstar trying to make a comeback She seduces AVG reporter Marcos Leon as part of her scheme to gain favorable press coverage.

Layout includes a couple of "on the set" porn shoots. The outdoor one is horrible and shot badly. The indoor one - The Three Muskatettes with Hillary Scott, Brooke Haven, Briana Banks, and Evan Stone was much better. And of course, our man Evan, gets to play dress up.

The movie was shot on film (and I think part video). There are some parts of the film that are dark and grainy. If you're going to shoot on film and can't have good lighting, why bother.

My only other comment on the movie is "When did Tom Byron get old!"

I appreciate the fact that Paul Thomas does strive to put more content into his movies than some directors; however, I would still grade Layout as only an average modern day porn movie.

Layout starring Penny Flame, Hillary Scott, Briana Banks, Haley Scott, Kylie Ireland, Brooke Haven, Marcos Leon, Joey, Barry Scott, Evan Stone, Tom Byron, Jerry, Kurt Lockwood, Tyce Bune and directed by Paul Thomas.