Tuesday, December 27, 2011


This Isn't Christmas Vacation starring Anthony Rosano, Carolyn Reese, Emma Heart, Alec Knight, Tweety Valentine, Marco Rivera, Melanie Rios, Sonny Hicks and directed by Sammy Slater.

As XXX parodies go, This Isn't Christmas Vacation ranks pretty far down the list. There's really only a few things good in this parody. The front artwork on the box duplicates the mainstream movie's artwork fairly close and gave me hope for a good parody. People say "don't judge a book by its cover" and in my case, I guess they should have reminded me "don't judge a porno by it's cover".

The movie only makes a couple of attempts to remind us of the movie it's supposed to be parodying. Clark (Anthony Rosano) doesn't get his bonus, instead his boss enrolls him in The Dildo of The Month Club. Other than that plot point and having Cousin Eddie (Alec Knight) show up in his camper, This Isn't Christmas Vacation pretty much rambles around setting up the four LONG sex scenes. Oh yeah, the squirrel in the Christmas tree shows up near the end.

This Isn't Christmas Vacation has a few laughs in the first part, but the second half of the movie is taken up almost entirely of sex scenes. This Isn't Christmas Vacation is one of the few feature XXX Christmas Movies around and I had high hopes for it. Other than Alec Knight doing a pretty good (not great, but still the standout performance in this movie) Cousin Eddie and the movie being Christmas themed, I can't really think of any reason to recommend this one to anyone. I'm giving it a D+ and it only gets the "+" because of Alec Knight and the artwork on the box.

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