Thursday, April 22, 2010


Here's a prime example of what happens when untalented people try to make a spoof/parody. Dexxxter starts off great, the title sequence apes the original Dexter TV show, but adds in sex elements. The movie starts and the first scene is more than promising; but at this point in Dexxxter, I would advise you to turn the movie off and insert another DVD, since everything goes straight downhill for the rest of Dexxxter.

The plot is mostly incoherent, the sets are as cheap as you can get (some don't even make sense within the framework of the movie) and besides Nikki Rhodes as Dexxxter and a later appearance by Lexi Belle, all the other performers (no way you can call them actors) are very unappealing.

I've never seen a Pink Lotus feature before and I'm going to be sure that I NEVER have to sit through another one. Actually, I didn't have to sit through the whole movie, since with the FF button, I finished this one in about twenty mintues.

Youtube used to have a video comparing the opening sequences between Dexter and Dexxxter (deleted due to youtube's nudity policy). The Dexxxter part included a monkey, which really gave you the best clue as to the making of the parody. After spending all of their creativity on the opening, the makers of Dexxxter obviously turned the rest of the job of making the actual movie over to the monkey, of course that's pretty much an insult to the monkey!

Dexxxter would normally rate an F, but since it had the great opening sequence, I going to grade this one D-

Dexxxter starring Lexi Belle, Nikki Rhodes, Kya Tropic, Lynx, McKenzie Sweets and directed by Landon Weinberg

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