Saturday, April 10, 2010


This movie had just barely enough plot to tie the sex scenes together. It starts with Ashlynn going to College (duh!) and calling her boyfriend (James Deen) back home, who we see already cheating on her. We're then introduced to Ashlynn's roommate (Celeste Star), a sort of Paris Hilton type and we get a sex scene flashback showing why she was sent off to school.

The next scene in Ashlynn Goes To College flashes us back to happier days with Ashlynn and James holding hands and skipping down a walkway before having sex outdoors on a blanket. In an odd bit of editing, the sex scene goes from bright daylight to complete darkness.

The next scene involves Ashlynn daydreaming about her professor (Steven St. Croix) having sex with another student (Alexis Love). This was the dullest sex scene in the movie, which was a surprise, since St. Croix usually can add a little something extra to make a scene interesting.

Ashlynn and Celeste go off for some clubbing, where the next sex scene takes place between Lee Stone with Regan Reese and Savanah Gold. The girls both have bad boob jobs and tattoos, so I am assuming that is why they were cast in these parts.

Ashlynn leaves and goes back out to Celeste's limo, which is driven by Tommy Gunn. She tells Tommy her problems and he comforts her and you guessed scene.

Celeste is taking Ashlynn to Martha's Vineyard on her private jet and she makes a stop so Ashlynn can visit James Deen in Oklahoma. Ashlynn catches James with another girl and storms off. The final scene shows the girls back in college and this final scene apes scenes we have seen in high school movies with the "Queen Bees" of the school walking together.

I realize that most of the discussion has been taken up with the sex scenes. That's because as I first stated, there isn't much plot to Ashlynn Goes To College. Yet, I didn't dislike the movie because of its lack of plot, maybe because it did include a few funny moments (most with James Deen), plus where else are you going to get to see Ashlynn and James holding hands and skipping. I grade this one a C+

Ashlynn Goes To College starring Lexi Belle, Ashlynn Brooke, Alexis Love, Celeste Star, Regan Reese, Sabrina Rose, Savanah Gold, Melanie Scott, James Deen, Tommy Gunn, Lee Stone, Steven St. Croix and directed by Andre Madness

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