Thursday, November 12, 2009


Here's what the box says: "Herschel Savage shoots from the hip on a journey into the seedy underworld of (dis)organized crime. Meet Jugsy, a stripper who bares more than her soul in a tale so torrid it`ll curl your spats. Grab a table and dim the lights. Jugsy will blow you away."

Here's what Mr. X-Ray has to say: I had high hopes for this one, after seeing the great job that Herschel Savage did with his parody of the Addams Family (See my Maddams Family review below). I rented this one with the assumption that Jugsy would be a take-off on the movie Bugsy.

But there's barely a storyline in this movie at all. Just some very short lines of dialog that connect the sex scenes, so this one was a major disappointment. And to add to my misery, most of the women were not very attractive. I grade this one a D.

Jugsy starring PJ Sparxx, Madison, Heidi, Heather Lere, E.Z. Ryder, Rob Tyler, Sean Michaels, Steve Drake and directed by Herschel Savage.


Anonymous said...

Bummer dude. You need to start hitting the 70s and early 80s.

X-Ray Specs said...

Oh, I watched this one some time back. The write up (what there was of it) had been hanging around for some time.

I've seen some pretty good videos since and of course some pretty bad ones also (including some bad Golden Age videos).

Tower Farm said...

You have to find a copy of xxxorcist. My brother and I recently saw that one. It is really gross and funny.


X-Ray Specs said...

I would really love to see the XXXorcist and Re-Penetrator. But alas, my rental company carries neither.