Friday, November 20, 2009


Randy Spears plays David Letterman and presents a Top 11 list. Dave/Randy's first guest is Governor Sanford and there's a little joking around in the Letterman style. Obama is the next guest and after a few more jokes, Palin played by Lisa Ann appears. Palin starts to have sex with Sanford and Obama, Dave joins in, but soon makes Obama and Sanford leave. At the end of the sex scene, Sanford and Obama come back for pop shots. That's really the end of the movie. The rest of the DVD is filled with Lisa Ann scenes from other movies.

There’s things that I like about this movie: Randy does a good job imitating Letterman. The comedy writing during the Letterman segment was just as good as you get on the real show. Plus, The Top 11 list is pretty darn good, at least equal to most of The Top 10 lists on the real show.

Unfortunately, there's a lot of things that I didn't like about the movie: The actor playing Paul decided being bald and having a funky looking set of glasses was all that was needed for his role. The actor playing Sanford didn't even try for any type of imitation and the actor playing Obama wasn't much better. And finally, Lisa Ann might look slightly like Palin (if you were drunk and squinted), but she has very little acting ability. It appears that she thinks as long as she keeps her glasses on (and she struggles to keep them on during her sex scene) that she's really got this acting thing down. Adding to my misery are Lisa Ann's very, very bad fake boobs!

What puzzles me is that this is really only a 30-40 minute movie (including the sex scene), the rest of the movie is filled out with different clips from other Lisa Ann movies. It would have been easy to fill out the movie with a flashback sex scene of Sanford and his Argentina lover. Another scene could have been Obama in the Green Room with a female Secret Service Agent. Even the Paul character could have had his own scene with as the real Paul would say "some groovy music groupies". I'm not even that clever and it didn't take me but a second to think of these other scenes. With the top notch writing of the one scene that was actually the movie, this could have been a really outstanding porno. But just giving the viewer one scene and a lot of clips just doesn't do it for me. I'm giving this one a D+.

Letterman's Nailin Palin starring Lisa Ann, Sascha, Marco Banderas, Tyler Knight, C.J. Wright, Eric John, Mick Blue, Randy Spears and directed by Axel Braun


Anonymous said...

That's a shame. Sounds like the Obama movie - one scene and then a bunch of interracial scenes from other movies. The only one that was actually a full movie was the original Who's Nailin Palin.

Oh, and I started watching Writer's Bullpen, starring the fabulous Kaylani Lei, last night - it seemed pretty good, and I think you and your lady will enjoy the plotline. It's neat, and I always love movies about movies.

X-Ray Specs said...

Well, I'm not sure all the other scenes were interracial. I really couldn't tell you for sure.

All the other scenes were just from Lisa Ann movies. I did recognize one scene being from the original Nailin Palin movie, the other scenes, I have no idea, I was hitting that FF button trying to find the rest of Letterman's Nailin Palin. The only thing I found were the end credits.!!!!

Anonymous said...

No, I meant the Obama movie had all interracial, in keeping with the Obama focus, just like your Pailin movie had all Lisa Ann scenes, in keeping with the Lisa Ann focus.

I know it's cheap for them to do this, but it's surely gonna piss everyone off right? I wish they would just make an actual movie.

X-Ray Specs said...

Oh, I get it now, you were talking about the Obama is Nalin Palin. So I know that is another one to avoid.

Actually, after watching Not 30 Rock, anything with Lisa Ann might be good for me to avoid.