Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Released in 1988 and starring Shanna McCullough, Annie Sprinkle, Stephanie Rage, Randy Paul, Alexis Firestone, Carlos Valentino, and Ron Jeremy.

The skimpy plot: There's a new Latino neighbor and there's confusion about who is sleeping with him. This results in the rest of the characters having sex with someone out of willingness or out of revenge.

The writing: There was so little plot, that there really isn't much to say about the lines the actors deliver. Most of the better lines appear to be ad libs.

The set: The kitchen set is fairly true to the original Honeymooners set. The sex all takes place in an adjoining bedroom, which looks too modern to fit with the kitchen set. The sex scenes are lit much better than the kitchen scenes and I expect they were shot at a different time.

The acting: Randy Paul is excellent as the Norton character. Carlos Valentino does a good job as the Latin Lover. Ron Jeremy is passable as the Ralph character and Stephanie Rage and Alexis Firestone do a decent job as Trixie and Alice

The sex: Pretty standard, most scenes are shot in the same sequence of setups with several cream pie shots.

The weirdest part of the movie: Trixie has two scenes shot outside. These scenes are filler and definitely don't fit in with the rest of the movie.

Final Thought: The Horneymooners just didn't live up to my expectations. I was expecting a little more plot and a lot more humor. The only pluses are Randy Paul's portrayal of Norton and Stephanie Rage is a good “sex actress”. I would grade The Horneymooners a C minus.

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Radiation Cinema! said...

GGG: To learn that there were no sex scenes in the fabled kitchen of the Kramden apartment comes as a disappointment. How could the film-makers not realize this was the fantasy that played in the mind of every fan of the Honeymooners? Overall, it sounds like a lackluster and laze effort. Ron Jeremy, with his oh-so-seventies sleazy smarm, seems a particularly bad casting choice for Ralph.

Good post. -- Mykal