Thursday, October 31, 2013


Halloween XXX Porn Parody is a great example of how porn can take a mainstream movie, remain faithful to the plot of the original version but seamlessly include hardcore sex scenes. Of course, the original Halloween movie had lots of references to sex, but skirted the edges without even including nudity. This made the movie a natural for a porn version (so natural, this is one of two parodies of the mainstream film). 

A few twists in the plot had to be made to include additional sex scenes, where no sexual situations existed in the original version. First there is a creation of a relationship between the nurse and Dr. Loomis as they are on the way to pick up Michael Myers from the mental institution, cue sex scene. The other added plot point comes near the end of the movie, where Laurie thinks the person under the ghost sheet is the boyfriend of Lynda and she has sex with him, only to find out it was really Michael Myers. Both these scenes fit flawlessly into the plot, even though the Michael Myers ghost sheet sex scene stretched the boundaries of believability.

The casting and acting (with only one exception, who I won't name here, but will be easy to spot when you watch the movie) was really good. Lily LaBeau in the lead role of Nancy held her own with Jamie Lee Curtis; Andy San Dimas was great as the perpetually horny Annie;l plus the always excellent Lexi Belle as Lynda, was good as P.J. Soles from the original movie. Hint to all you porn producers, I would love to see a parody of Rock n Roll High School starring Lexi in the P.J. Soles role.  A special nod to Marcus London as a dead-on Dr. Loomis. There were only two small flaws, in my opinion, with Halloween XXX Porn Parody - Michael Myer's mask was really bad, a few more dollars would have gotten a much better one, plus the Myers house didn't look dilapidated enough, but these are my only minor quibbles with the film. My grade for this movie A-