Friday, July 4, 2014


Having never seen Bad Teacher, I can't really compare Official Bad Teacher Parody directly to that film, so this review is based like this is an original movie instead of a parody. The acting is all above average and I got quite a few laughs from the parts between the sex scenes. And therein lies the problem, there are five L-O-N-G sex scenes of approximately 20 minutes each in this 111 minute movie. If you do the math, you can see that only leaves about 11 minutes for the plot, which also has to include setting up for the sex scenes (which leads to a couple of set ups being basically "Let's Fuck"). Too bad, since this could have easily ranked as one of the better XXX comedic movies, as it stands, I can only rank this a C+ and a lot of that has to do with the acting ability of the cast. 

Sunday, March 2, 2014


It's always a crap shoot with an Axel Braun movie, sometimes you get a good parody (Spider-Man, Superman, Cheers, This Ain't Star Trek), some that are just ok (Star Trek #2) and some that make you wish you were watching something else (Dark Knight, Letterman). This Ain't Star Trek 3 falls into the latter category. This movie really should be listed as a vignette rather than a plot driven feature film.

The scant plot has Kirk (Evan Stone) being beamed back to The Enterprise, but due to a time twist he winds up on an earlier version of The Enterprise, where he meets his younger self played by Michael Vegas. With a running time of 104 minutes, which includes 5 long sex scenes, This Ain't Star Trek 3 has VERY little time for any type of storyline or plot development. Maybe all the effort went into making effects for the 3-D version or maybe it was decided as long as you stick the words "Star Trek" on the box, you'll have a guaranteed built in audience. 

Whatever the reason(s), This Ain't Star Trek 3 really proves the old adage that a sequel isn't going to be good as the original, since each subsequent entry in this series has gotten progressively worse. Let's only hope that there isn't (or should I say ain't) another This Ain't Star Trek on the horizon, unless someone other than Axel Braun is at the helm.

Sunday, January 19, 2014


In Her Head is David Stanley's homage to Alfred Hitchcock, with many of the film shots, the paranoid storyline, and the music cues recalling the famous director's work. Lexi Belle has stolen a briefcase full of cash....or has she? The owners of the briefcase, The Twins (Tati and Taylor Russo), are after her....or are they? Evan Stone plays Lexi's supportive husband who can't quite decide for himself if his wife is crazy or is she really on the run.

This was a highly inventive plot by David Stanley, at least for porn, and made for an interesting film. With the "in her head" concept, a couple of extra sex scenes could be included, since the viewer has to decide "are they really happening or is Lexi just imagining them".  Lexi does a great job of acting and making her character believable, plus Evan is his usual dependable self in the acting department.

I'm not covering much of the storyline, since I don't want to spoil anything for other viewers. I will say, if you like a story that's outside the norm for XXX, then you'll really enjoy In Her Head. As an added bonus, the sound on the dvd is excellent, I'm noting this because sound is one thing lacking in many XXX features (i.e. The Time Machine). If it wasn't for the too long sex scenes (the modern typical 20+ minutes), I could easily rate this A+. I'm still giving the movie a solid A and highly recommending it to readers of this blog.

Thursday, January 9, 2014


The Time Machine turned out to be a pleasant surprise. I rented it on the strength of an excellent Jace Rocker production I had seen in the past, A Little Piece of My Heart, and the fact that it had Jonathan Morgan in the cast and he usually brings a sense of humor to any movie in which he is cast. I still felt that this was going to be a pretty standard vignette style porn masquerading as a feature, but it turned out to be a true feature in vignette style, if that makes any sense.

Jonathan Morgan inherits an old house and a pile of money from his late grandfather. In the basement, Morgan and his girlfriend Serenity find a time machine and while having sex they inadvertently send the time machine back to the old west. Since the directions were left behind, they wind up visiting different eras of time while trying to get back home. Of course this sets up sex scenes during different parts of history. Besides the Old West, there are scenes with American Indians, Romans, futuristic aliens, and prehistoric people. 

The amazing part of The Time Machine is that it never lost sight of the part of the plot about trying to get back home. Even though each stop has its own story, the continuity of the main storyline is kept intact throughout the complete film. Add in LOTS of humorous lines, even if some are corny, and the pleasant fact the sex scenes only run around 12 minutes and you get a winning combination. 

The only drawback to The Time Machine is lousy audio. It always seems audio is the least concern with any XXX production, but the audio in The Time Machine is particularity bad, it's like they only had one stationary microphone. I'm going to knock off a little bit for the sound problem but The Time Machine still earns a well deserved A-