Sunday, January 19, 2014


In Her Head is David Stanley's homage to Alfred Hitchcock, with many of the film shots, the paranoid storyline, and the music cues recalling the famous director's work. Lexi Belle has stolen a briefcase full of cash....or has she? The owners of the briefcase, The Twins (Tati and Taylor Russo), are after her....or are they? Evan Stone plays Lexi's supportive husband who can't quite decide for himself if his wife is crazy or is she really on the run.

This was a highly inventive plot by David Stanley, at least for porn, and made for an interesting film. With the "in her head" concept, a couple of extra sex scenes could be included, since the viewer has to decide "are they really happening or is Lexi just imagining them".  Lexi does a great job of acting and making her character believable, plus Evan is his usual dependable self in the acting department.

I'm not covering much of the storyline, since I don't want to spoil anything for other viewers. I will say, if you like a story that's outside the norm for XXX, then you'll really enjoy In Her Head. As an added bonus, the sound on the dvd is excellent, I'm noting this because sound is one thing lacking in many XXX features (i.e. The Time Machine). If it wasn't for the too long sex scenes (the modern typical 20+ minutes), I could easily rate this A+. I'm still giving the movie a solid A and highly recommending it to readers of this blog.

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