Sunday, March 28, 2010


This is a great 30 minute movie, unfortunately the complete running time for the movie is around 90 minutes.

Bad Influence is a porn version of The Graduate, which begs the question, why wasn't the title more of a give away to this fact? Even the front cover of the box doesn't give you a clue, and the back cover just barely hints at what the movie is spoofing with the words: "Mrs Wilkenson are you trying to seduce me?"

Most of the first few scenes in Bad Influence ape The Graduate with Dick Smothers Jr. playing the Dustin Hoffman part. This includes the famous Mrs. Robinson scene with the camera looking through a bent leg. I say most, because the first sex scene with Randy Spears and his secretary has nothing to do with the rest of the movie.

Around the 30 minute mark Bad Influence seems to lose complete focus on spoofing the original, since at this point there are several plot/sex scenes that have nothing to do with The Graduate. One of these scenes includes an actor dressed as Elvis (for no rhyme or reason at this point in the movie, although he does make a well placed appearance in the final scene).

Bad Influence finally kicks back into spoofing the original plot of The Graduate with Dustin getting the girl he has waited years for....and at this point they drive off and stop and have sex on the hood of his car....WTF this is what he had waited years to do...have sex on the hood of his car. The movie concludes with a wedding scene, although Bad Influence twists the ending with Mrs Wilkenson (Ona Zee) trying to stop the wedding.

As I've stated in previous reviews, I'm a fan of Cash Markman, since his movies always contain well written dialogue, and that is no exception with Bad Influence. Add in the facts that a lot of the dialogue is humorous and the music in Bad Influence apes the original soundtrack of The Graduate and you get a porn that could have ranked right up with the best of them, IF the director(Cash Markman) had stuck to the basic premise of the original Graduate throughout the whole movie. However, as with most other Markman features that I have seen, Bad Influence starts strong, falls apart somewhere toward the middle and then ends strong. As it is, I'm giving this one a B, since the good parts are way above average.

Bad Influence starring Aurora Snow, Ava Vincent, Cindy Crawford, Ona Zee, Jessica Darlin, Frank Bukkwyd, Dick Smothers Jr, Mark Davis, Lee Stone, Randy Spears, Eric Masterson, Kyle Stone, Brett Rockman, written and directed by Cash Markman

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