Monday, April 20, 2009

Random Thoughts on The 2009 AVN Award Show

Thanks to The Gore-Gore Girl, I was able to catch the 2009 AVN Award Show on Showtime on the first go round. Last year, I missed it and it was months before they replayed it.

Below are just some of my random thoughts, in no certain order, on this year's show. If some other thoughts come to mind, I'll add them later:

Two major names that seemed to be absent from winning any awards: Randy Spears and Stormy. Both very talented individuals in the porn industry.

Winner of Best Male Actor: Evan Stone....Evan is great as long as he is portraying a character who is self absorbed and he can ham it up....but best male actor overall....I don't think so.....However, he seemed so damned grateful to win, that I don't begrudge him his award.

Why do they insist on having a terrible musical number? Do they think that without a bad musical number that they're not having a real awards show?

Larry Flynt on the state of Porn Movies not being put out of business by the internet: "As long as we remain excellent at what we do, we're gonna be around." This translates to me as Porn with a plot......THANKS LARRY...I'M GLAD YOU AGREE WITH ME :-)

I really don't need shots of women making out in the this for the soft core people watching on Showtime? Also, I don't need Flavor Flav trying to get in a camera shot that has nothing to do with him.

James Deen wins Male performer of the year, but is a no show on stage....I couldn't figure out why until I saw his quote on the AVN page ""I can have sex in front of a room full of people, but I can't get up on stage and say thank you."

Jessica Drake is a classy looking lady..... but her outfit..UGH......she said she was dressed as an angel, as a nod to her role in Fallen. Sorry, it looked more like some type of chicken outfit.

As long as I'm on fashion:

Monique Alexander...looked great in her fuschia and black Barbie Doll party dress.

Belladonna....I'm not sure what the outfit was, it was just bad.

Paul Thomas...decided to go for the slob look

Evan Stone....wild outfit that only Evan could pull off.

Bree Olson....prom dress....didn't she wear something similar last year?

Penny Flame...looked like she decided to dress as she appeared so drunk/stoned that the host Thea Vidale finally had to calm her down.

In case you want to catch the broadcast, below are some upcoming times:

On Showtime: 04/30/09 at 12:30 AM
On Showtime Showcase: 05/01/09 at 12:00 AM
On Showtime Too: 05/03/09 at 1:30 AM
On Showtime Showcase: 05/07/09 at 3:50 AM


Anonymous said...

Ha - I had many of these thoughts also (though I actually liked jessica drake's dress). I also thought Penny Flame was awesome, and in spite of Belladonna's terrible dress, she still rocks.

As for the lack of Stormy and Randy, I agree (but I think Randy "retired" - though I also think he does this a lot...). At least Randy got his own skit though.

Speaking of which, the bet part of the show for me was Voodoo's skit (ably assisted by Eric Masterson, the Most Underrated Actor In the Adult Industry). It was great.

Glad I was able to nudge you toward watching it the first go around.

Anonymous said...

god, I wish I had Showtime

Penny Flame's a riot n' a half

X-Ray Specs said...

Gore Gore Girl - You are correct about Eric Masterson and that skit was hilarious.

Bearded Weirdo - Penny Flame is campaigning to be the host of next year's AVN awards.

Anonymous said...

I hope she gets it. Great personality. Silly, sweet, bubbly n' bursting with charm.